Transforming Healthcare with AI-Powered Clinical Trial Matching
Correlate Health is a digital health company that is transforming patient care with its innovative AI-powered solution. Our flagship 360-degree solution LooPT CTM (Clinical Trial Matching), an enterprise clinical trial management system, is designed to align with these vital healthcare initiatives, ensuring that our clients are prepared to meet the evolving demands of the healthcare landscape while contributing to a more diverse and informed patient population. LooPT CTM, seamlessly integrates with Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, allowing for interoperability, personalized and efficient patient and clinical trial matching.
LooPT CTM Leverages Advanced AI-EHR Analysis
Correlate Health's platform utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze Electronic Health Records (EHR) with unprecedented accuracy and speed. This comprehensive analysis encompasses a wide range of data points, including demographics, medical history, diagnoses, medications, and lab results.
Data Extraction
AI algorithms identify and extract relevant patient data from EHR systems.
Pattern Recognition
AI models analyze patterns and relationships within patient data to identify key insights.
Risk Prediction
The AI system predicts potential health risks and identifies patients eligible for clinical trials.
HIPAA Compliant
HIPAA compliance by securely managing and protecting patient data through advanced encryption, access controls, and regular audits.
Enhancing Patient Engagement with LooPT CTM platform
Personalized Health Information
Patients can access their health records, test results, and medical history securely and conveniently.
Customized Health Goals
Patients can set personalized health goals, such as weight loss or medication adherence, and track progress.
Engaging Health Content
Patients receive tailored health information and clinical trial educational resources based on their individual needs.
Interactive Communication
Patients can easily communicate with their healthcare providers, principal investigators, CROs and Clinical Trial stakeholder through secure messaging and virtual visits.
Dashboard Analytics
LooPT CTM Dashboard Analytics provides real-time insights and comprehensive data visualizations for clinical trial management, enabling streamlined tracking, reporting, and decision-making.
LooPT CTM Seamless Integration with EHRs
Pre-Built Connectors
Our platform seamlessly integrates with leading EHR systems, such as Epic and Cerner, utilizing pre-built FHIR API connectors for easy implementation.
Minimized Workflow Disruption
The integration process is designed to minimize disruption to existing workflows, ensuring a smooth transition for healthcare providers.
Enhanced Data Flow
The integration allows for a seamless flow of patient data between the EHR system and our AI-powered platform, enabling comprehensive analysis.
LooPT CTM Streamlining Clinical Trial Recruitment
Correlate Health's AI-powered platform accelerates clinical trial recruitment by identifying eligible patients quickly and efficiently. Our solution simplifies the process by minimizing manual screening and automating patient matching, saving time and resources for research teams.
Automated Patient Matching
AI algorithms match patients to trials based on eligibility criteria.
Reduced Manual Screening
Automating the process eliminates time-consuming manual reviews.
Faster Trial Enrollment
Streamlined recruitment leads to quicker enrollment in trials.
LooPT CTM Minimize Workflow Disruption
Streamlined Integration
Our platform integrates seamlessly with existing workflows.
User-Friendly Interface
Healthcare providers can easily navigate and utilize our solution.
Minimal Training Required
Our intuitive design minimizes the need for extensive training.
Efficient Data Transfer
Patient data is transferred securely and efficiently.
Correlate Health's commitment to minimizing workflow disruption is evident in our platform's design. We prioritize a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, allowing healthcare providers to seamlessly integrate our solution into their existing workflows. Our platform is designed to be easily understood and utilized, requiring minimal training and ensuring a smooth transition for healthcare providers. Furthermore, our efficient data transfer processes ensure secure and timely exchange of patient information between EHR systems and our AI platform.
LooPT CTM Connects Patients to Relevant Clinical Trials
Correlate Health's AI-powered platform facilitates seamless connections between patients and relevant clinical trials.
AI-Driven Matching
Our technology analyzes patient data and identifies suitable trials.
Personalized Recommendations
Patients receive tailored recommendations for trials.
Informed Decision-Making
Patients can learn about trials and make informed choices.
Streamlined Enrollment
The process is streamlined for efficient trial enrollment.
This personalized approach empowers patients to actively participate in research that aligns with their health needs, ultimately contributing to the advancement of medical breakthroughs.
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LOOPT CTM Pilot Partnership - Let's Join Forces!
We invite forward-thinking organizations to become esteemed pilot partners and play a pivotal role in reshaping the future of clinical research and health care. We extend this exclusive offer to partner with us and our cutting-edge LooPT CTM, an integrated AI-EHR solution. We are particularly interested in collaborating with partners who share our commitment to advancing health equity and pushing the boundaries of innovation.
Are You Our Next Partner?
Interested In Digital Health Innovations, Patient-Centric Solutions and Advancing Health Equity in Clinical Trials and Research.
Pharma and Medtech Leaders
Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies at the forefront of drug development and innovative medical technology, keen on integrating groundbreaking technologies for precise clinical trial recruitment, contributing to the advancement of personalized medicine, innovative treatments, and clinical research.
Clinical Research Organizations
CROs (Clinical Research Organizations) and CRSs (Clinical Research Sites) dedicated to revolutionizing clinical trial recruitment landscape, driving medical advancements, and elevating both patient and clinician user experiences with our 360-degree clinical trial management system that offers a holistic clinical trial experience.
Healthcare Organizations and Private Physician Practices
Healthcare Organizations and Physicians committed to improving patient outcomes, are interested in adopting innovative technologies for streamlined operations and enhanced clinical efficiency. Forward-looking practices desiring to contribute to medical advancements and elevate patient care.
Patient Advocacy Groups and Empowered Patients
Patient Advocacy Groups and Empowered Patients dedicated to advancing healthcare and improving their access to care with LooPT Health Wallet. LooPT provides patients with access, education, and engagement of their personal aggregated health information for better health data management and improved patient care and outcomes
Why Partner with Correlate Health?
  • Personalized Direct-to-Patient Clinical Trial Invitations (IP)
  • Precision Recruitment Strategies with Advanced AI and EHR Integration
  • Cost-Effective Technology Enabling Streamlined & Efficient Operations
  • Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives, Patient Education & Engagement.
LooPT CTM is a 360-degree platform that facilitates the connection of key stakeholders, including clinical trial sponsors, principal investigators, healthcare providers, patients, and regulatory authorities.
A comprehensive collaborate platform that enhances communication, streamlines processes, and elevates the entire clinical trial journey and patient experiences.
With LooPT, your trials are not merely conducted, they are personalized, and orchestrated with precision and collaboration, ensuring success at every stage.
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Unleash the Power of Data-as-a-Service
Leverage Advanced Analytics for Superior Insights and Precision
Unlock the Power of Precision with Correlate Health!
Imagine reaching a highly specific audience of 246,000 people daily, actively searching for health conditions like "Hypertension" or any other medical topic. With our cutting-edge data-as-a-service solution, this is now within your grasp.
Our advanced tracking pixel taps into over 280 million user profiles, monitoring billions of real-time behaviors. This enables us to match 30-70% of health-related searches to detailed user profiles, dramatically boosting your targeting accuracy and marketing impact. Whether you're promoting your biotech or biopharma products or recruiting for clinical trials, our solution ensures you reach the right audience with unparalleled precision.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your patient engagement. Experience unparalleled precision and effectiveness with Correlate Health. Start now and transform your marketing strategy today!
LooPT CTM Transforms the Future of Clinical Trial Recruitment and Advanced Analytics.

Personalized Care
AI analyzes patient data for tailored recommendations.

Streamlined Trials
Faster recruitment and enrollment in trials.

Data-Driven Insights
AI-powered analysis uncovers valuable insights.

Enhanced Efficiency
Improved workflows and increased productivity.

Empowered Patients
Patients engage in research and make informed decisions.

Regulatory Compliance
Ensures adherence to all guidelines and standards.
"We are supporting the FDORA Act and promoting Health Equity through Innovations and Interoperability"
We are at the forefront of healthcare innovation, always adapting to industry changes and regulations. With the recent passing of FDORA, the Food and Drug Omnibus Reform Act of 2022, we're dedicated to playing our part in Advancing Health Equity. FDORA introduces important reforms relevant to the Food and Drug Administration ("FDA"), including provisions that encourage changes leading to greater diversity in clinical study populations and improvements in patient education. We collaborate with you to create more equitable and representative research, ensuring that every patient has the opportunity to participate in advancements in healthcare. LooPT CTM is also instrumental in advancing women's health equity and inclusion by increasing awareness and access to clinical trials and research.
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